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Petals Planter

Early spring flowers are a great motivator to start the grueling cleanup after our long winter.  I noticed that the corner wood planter was toast. One little nudge and it dissolved into mulch.  Now to be fair, it did come with the house, over 8 years ago.

I am not really fond of plastic planters. Either they look really cheap or they are too expensive.  My experience, even the ones that cost, crack after a few seasons. Nothing seems to last anymore.

Since this would be for the front yard, I wanted to do something that stands out. Something new, something different and well, of course, was a little bit shady. ;)

Searching the different DIY sites, I found a few planter ideas that might work. I wanted just that basic square planter. EASY TO BUILD was the key phrase here. Satisfied with my plans, I headed off to the local hardware.

Have you bought wood lately?

Canada exports wood, we HAVE wood. Forests of wood. Just try and find a NON-WARPED piece of wood. After 2 stores of gasping and groaning and 30 minutes of digging through stacks of lumber, I find several pieces of fence board that might work. I wanted cedar. The lumber store only carries it by special order. The local hardware was waiting for the shipment in a few weeks. April must be too early to plan for summer, yet they stock Christmas decorations in August. Again- Did I mention I live in C A N A D A. Cedar- R -US!! We are known for cedar.

Disgusted I picked out some of that newly brown treated fence board. As of now--- I am far from a happy planter builder!

Let's Talk.

Need help adding a design to your project?   If you see something you would like, contact me.   I might be able to create something similar. 



Staining Flowers

I take the pieces downstairs to my basement and begin to sand. And sand. And sand. Not sure what that coating is but I went through quite a bit of sandpaper to get to the wood. I needed to get to the raw wood for my design ideas to work. A four-sided planter, each having its own unique flower. What should have taken an hour or two, was several days of messing around. I even burnt up my sander. Ok, to be fair it had seen better days.

Once built, the drawing and staining went rather smooth. I used an outdoor stain sample from Lowes. For a couple of bucks, they mixed up a nice dark brown. I never tried shade staining with outdoor stain was really surprised on how well it spread. Even using the outdoor stain, I still decided to put several coats of teak oil on it as a top coat to protect the wood. Having removed the treatment from the fence boards I figured teak oil would add a nice outdoor UV protection and waterproofing. Bought a 15-inch cheap plastic planter that surprise-surprise--- actually fit and put it all together.

Nice part using planters was having that spring/summer look with pansy and vines. Then once the flowers started to fade, I added bright mums. Perfect for fall!

NOTE: I found it was just as easy using a round bucket container if you prefer. Once the flowers fill out, no one will be able to see the difference. Check out the picture in the gallery to see how well the flowers filled out.

Since I had some leftover board that was SANDED, I figured another planter was in order. I was unstoppable now. Next, the owl planter. It got a little bigger and scarier than planned!

not all art needs a wall   :)