Shady Lane- Owl Planter

owl planter

What A Hoot!

My last project dealt with the building of a planter (UGH)... and I ended up with a bit of lumber. Lucky for me, I had already prepped the pressured wood and it was ready to work with. I thought I might have enough for another planter. Without measuring, I just cut what I had into even sections and went with it. By the time I was done, my planter stood 3 feet tall and 18 inches wide. A little bigger than planned. Well planned is kind of a loose term.

At this point, I had no idea what to do with this huge open canvas. I needed a fresh new idea so went to one of my favorite online photo sites that allow commercial use. The photographers and graphic artists are very generous in the posting of their work. My dream is to get a projector someday. It would make things so much easier. So for now, I have to do things old school.

Some things are just easier to work with- like flowers. Flowers have petals that vary and no two are the same. So to sketch a flower you can mess up a bit and it still comes out looking natural. To be honest, most of the time I end up sanding down my project several times and starting over until I get it right. By the fourth or fifth time, I may be finally satisfied with the sketch. If the image is really complicated, I trace out the outline of the drawing.

Just a few rocks

My front yard is a desert of the rocky horror nature. I had some major work done and the front yard was ripped out. The front end loader operator was lazy. Anyways, he refilled the front yard mess with the TOPSOIL filling in the hole first followed by tons of river rock base. I am only several streets from the river, so yep I got river rock.

You know the saying "when you are given lemons... bla bla bla. Well, my lemonade became a desert theme. To plant anything now takes a pickax. I didn't think I would get anything to take root. But somehow nature grows and does take over. Perfect spot for my future planter.

Even before Harry Potter, I loved owls. I figured barn owls would be easiest with the round head and big eyes. I fell in love with photos from BugDog on (Thank you BugDog by the way, for allowing people like me the opportunity to study and use your work as a model.)

The building of the planters was not all that much fun for me.  It was alot of trial and error.  The owl planter turned out ok, at least good enough to me, and gave my neighbours a laugh. 

not all art needs a wall   :)