Shady Lane- Railing Lights

rail lights


Lighting up the railings.

Remember those solar globe crackle lights from the solar light post project?  Well, they went on sale and I ended up with a few extra.

The idea was to create railing light the same way as the railing tables, just smaller and with a back!  The original idea belongs to Handyman's Daughter  for deck railing tables.

Starting with cedar fence board for the back and lower front section, I used a scrap of 1 inch board and drilled a hole large enough for the light stem.  (You could use old fence boards as well, just give them a good sanding.)  Adding the design before screwing it together is easier.  You can add a design front and back of the tall back board and even add a design on the lower front.

The crackle lights are fairly cheap- both in quality and price.  But they do capture the light easily to recharge and at night, the crackle pattern shows up on the wood backdrop. If you noticed the spider plant is sitting a another take-off of the railing table, you are right.  Same design, different look.   Once you get the design down on making these railing projects, there is no end to ideas!

***** UPDATE *****

While checking out the local dollar store, I noticed path lights.  The flat design gave me the idea to try these on the railing lights.  Taking one of the railing lights apart, using my drill press, I drilled a 4 inch circle through the board and dropped the path light on top.  I think a smaller circle would have worked as well, but I just went with what I had.   I had already bought the 4 inch circle for the coasters and had the setup on the drill press.

Using the path light gave the Sunflower and Celtic bee solar railing light a whole different look.  Adding a bottom design like I did gives these light holders another style.  You can compare the two styles by looking at the photos. These path lights last longer at night and provide more light against the designs. 

Let's Talk.

Got questions on how to put together your own railing lights?   Need help adding a design to your light?   If you see something you would like, contact me.   I might be able to create something similar.. 


sunflower low light
sunflower globe light
raven and roses

Blackbird steals the show.

This spring a blackbird showed up every single day and sat in our willow tree.  I first noticed the blackbird since we actually do not get a lot of blackbirds of that size. He was a good sized bird. Robins, Cardinals, and Blue Jays seem to rule the yard. The blackbird flew into the pond and took a bird bath, splashing and having a great time.  Every. Single. Day.  I ended up putting a large rock in the shallow end of the pond so he had a landing spot. While he took his bath I sat on the deck enjoying my coffee.

Summer arrived and that was the last I seen of that large crazy blackbird. His image became the first railing light.  (Shown here.)  And of course, since the backside is facing the cedar raven bench, I added a few ravens to the back facing the bench keeping the theme! On the porch, deck or across the fence, railing lights are a great project for adding a bit of light at night.

Design Ideas

not all art needs a wall   :)